JET TEAM’s mission is to become the provider of choice for all your aviation services.

Exhaustive attention to detail

The jet is ready; the principal is just stepping aboard. His phone rings; there’s a change of plan.

You need instant focus, accurate information, realistic options and positive action!

Now is not the time to find your trip support wanting.

At JET TEAM we combine what some regard as old-fashioned values of service, dedication, and transparency with modern mobile technology, enabling us to be omnipresent and focused. The same ops manager will support you every time you fly, and you will have direct single number access 24/7, eliminating the need to wait in line for an answer. There's no need to summarise the storyline so far, because we've been with you every step of the way.

I served 22 years in the Royal Air Force, working with the UK's front-line Tornado bomber force, culminating in a headquarters role tasking the RAF air transport fleet on global operations, including many short-notice reactive missions to the other side of the planet. It was a privilege to work with so many professionals, from loading teams to aircraft captains, and everyone in between. We went the extra mile, everyone was part of the team, and invariably we succeeded.

The aim of JET TEAM is to capitalise on the core tenets of military ethos, and commercialise them to benefit your operation.

Our approach to everything we do is meticulous; we're passionate about getting it right for you. Every detail of your trip is checked closely, and we take our responsibility to you seriously, from the first day of planning, through to your safe return back home and beyond. Our comprehensive trip planning checklists ensure nothing is overlooked from the outset, and we remain dynamic and flexible to changes of plan. Vague or incomplete information from third-parties is not accepted.

We're a small company, but this suits the dedicated service we can offer. More importantly our reach is broad, and our close relationships means a stronger, more effective, and cohesive operation for all concerned.

That you are here, reading this, perhaps means you think the same?

Jon Braid


JET TEAM thoroughly check arrangements well before wheels up. Our comprehensive checklists and questionnaires ensure no stone remains unturned, and you're operating with the very latest information. We do what we say we will, on time, every time.


If there is any doubt about any aspect of your planned schedule we pull out the stops to check, using several sources when the information is mission-critical. We will warn you as soon as possible of any and all potential issues, arming you with sufficient information to make an informed decision. We actively communicate with you at every step along the way.


Fully transparent billing with third-party invoices copied to you. We always gain your approval before committing to bookings, and warn of cancellation fees where appropriate. No surprises, from start to finish.

No short-cuts and no nonsense...

"Boutique 5* service provider; highly professional and personal. We require that our trip support fit us like a custom-built glove, and this is what JET TEAM does best. We work with them for years and have no intention to change, as it doesn't get any better than this. No short-cuts and no nonsense."

- Christian, Global 5000 Capt, Singapore

Exceeding our expectations every time.

"Jet Team has always successfully been exceeding our expectations with its outstanding round the clock support. We like to call it a Jet Team experience that we get to witness every time, planning our flights under their expertise. Relentless efforts of Mr. Jon has led the Jet Team to produce such amazing results for us."

Rajeev, Executive Vice President, India.

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