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The world is currently facing an unprecedented crisis caused by the Coronavirus COVID-19, and at time of writing the full impact is yet to be felt in the West. Clearly governments are worried, and have taken dramatic measures to secure their borders and limit the speed of infection...but it looks like it's coming.
We will leave the scientific and governmental advice to the experts, but as far as business aviation goes, it remains to be seen what the impact will be - the limiting factor at the moment being closed borders. At JET TEAM we are monitoring a number of sources for practical information, and stand ready to help any and all clients with information gathering and risk assessments; as ever we're here in your corner.
One useful source we have found is the IATA summary of international restrictions, but be warned, it changes regularly and with no notice - governments are chasing the news. Ultimately, our advice to anyone and everyone is to sit tight for now if you can and wait to see what happens. One advantage of a pandemic is that it isn't just a sometimes forgotten news story in a far-off land; humanity is throwing all its resources in to a solution and to minimise the impact.

IATA Outbreak Update - external link

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